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Speed up Firefox 3 on the eee pc 900

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

I’ve installed EEE Ubuntu on my eee pc. The default xandros install is not active enough or up to date. It was a constant battle to get new libs ad apps on xandros.

I noticed that FF3 runs slow as a 3 legged asthmatic dog and just found the solution. The 900 has two drives: a fast 4GB system drive and slower 16GB drive. Since my home ~ folder was on the slow 16GB drive all my FF data was being written slowly. The solution is to move ~/.mozilla to the fast 4Gb system drive. This is modified from the solution (assumes your login is “username”which means your group is also “username”):

sudo mkdir /usr/share/username

sudo chown :username /usr/share/username

sudo chmod g+w /usr/share/username

mv ~/.mozilla /usr/share/username/

ln -s /usr/share/username/.mozilla/ ~