Posters & Miscellany

  • Steve Neely, Matthew Stabeler and Paddy Nixon “SensorMash: Exploring System Fidelity through Sensor Mashup” Poster at 6th International Conference Pervasive Computing, Sydney Australia, May 2008
  • Steve Neely, Graham Williamson,Hui Zhang, Graeme Stevenson and Simon Dobson “Location Detection with Smart Zigbee Sensors” Poster at The 2nd Workshop on Wireless Sensor Networks research in Ireland (WiSen 2007) Ireland, June 2007
  • Graeme Stevsonson, Lorcan Coyle, Steve Neely, Simon Dobson and Paddy Nixon “Construct — A Decentralised Context Infrastructure  for Ubiquitou Computing Environments” in IT&T Annual Conference, Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland, 2005

Invited Talks and Presentations


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