Manager Readme

Motivation for this document Funny, the first time I heard of a “manager readme” my reflex reaction was “sounds self-important”. Then I read a dozen or so examples and realized this document has nothing to do with ego but entirely about establishing relationships. It’s for you, the reader, who is likely a new colleague, and… Read More »

Sonarr on Ubuntu 18.04

Follow the installation instructions on the GitHub wiki for Sonarr. You need to install mono, then add the Sonarr keys/repos to the apt database, and install it: sudo apt-get install libmono-cil-dev sudo apt-key adv –keyserver –recv-keys 0xFDA5DFFC sudo echo “deb master main” | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/sonarr.list sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install nzbdrone… Read More »

Reading List for Technical Leaders

People Skills Jason Evanish writes at The’s subheading reads: “A Blog About Leadership & Management Advice”. This is one of the places I regularly return to for ideas, inspiration, and solutions to a wide variety of topics under the banner of leadership and management. Jason encouraged me to become a 1:1 zealot, never… Read More »

OpenVPN Server on DD-WRT with iOS 10 Client

iOS 10 removed PPTP support. Sure, as a protocol it’s not secure and open to man-in-the-middle attacks so I get it. But I want a way to network back home. So… if you have DD-WRT installed on your router and want VPN access to your home network then you’ve got to choose another option. DD-WRT… Read More »

Reset Prius Maintenance Light

It’s probably in the manual somewhere but Google is so much faster. The Prius Chat forum had the answer: Press start (ignition) button Make sure your odometer displays “ODO” and not “TRIP” Press and hold the ODO trip reset button Press start button to turn car off Press start button (again) to start car Hold the… Read More »

Sync Google and iCloud contacts

I was trying to get FaceTime on my macbook to load up all the contacts from my iPhone via iCloud. I enabled iCloud contact sync on my phone and logged in on the macbook but only a dozen-ish contacts appeared on laptop. The problem was that  I sync all contacts via Google (Exchange) and my… Read More »

Easy jailbreak your iPhone

With jail breaking an iPhone suddenly became too easy not to do. I’ve jail broken iPhones before with ultrasn0w but this is too simple. Just go to that site on your pre-4.0.1 iPhone, slide your finger across the screen and you’re done. Simple! But what next? Your new app installer is called “Cydia”. It’ll… Read More »

Shuffles & randoms

I was asked a question about shuffling yesterday which got me thinking. How do you write an algorithm to truly shuffle a deck of cards without any bias? There are a couple of well-known algorithms to do this, both popularized by Donald Knuth. At a very abstract high-level they are: generate a random number for… Read More »