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Autonomous Robots to Sail the Atlantic

The Microtransant Challenge is a autonomous robot sailing race across the Atlantic. They’ve had two warm up competitions in which the boats variously didn’t arrive in time or components failed. In the second competition in 2007 the INNOC (Austrian Association for Innovative Computer Science) team managed to sail for 24 hours and were pronounced the… Read More »


For my RTW trip I’m considering buying an EEE PC. The new 900 series is out now so I’m hoping for a drop in price of the older model. Who needs a 9 inch screen anyway?

spammed already?

I just found a comment on saying something generic about “[] wrote an interesting post today on…” and a link back to the poster’s site. Out of curiosity I went to this site to find it is a blog full of thousands of posts that all say “X wrote an interesting post today on…”… Read More »

Twitter Tracking

I’ve been using twitter for over a year now and am still only part sold on it. I keep having random people add me to their “following” list and I find this odd. Why would someone I don’t know want to follow my updates? I could make my updates private but I want to continue… Read More »

Setting up

I’m setting up a space on the web to store my research activities and general information about technology that I find interesting. It’s a kind of scratch space for me to drop things when I feel like it. This post is about how this all got here: Taking advice from Graeme and Lorcan I registered… Read More »