Setting up

By | April 15, 2008

I’m setting up a space on the web to store my research activities and general information about technology that I find interesting. It’s a kind of scratch space for me to drop things when I feel like it. This post is about how this all got here:

Taking advice from Graeme and Lorcan I registered my domain with and signed up with to host my site. If you can afford 5 years it’s a nice deal. Webfaction have given me shell access to a linux box and their support guys have been great to me so far — replied within 24 hours of my questions. They have an affiliate scheme so if you decide to use them because of me feel free to add “sneely” as your affiliate. It can’t hurt to ask…

For now I’m running WordPress 2.5 with the HijauSegar 1.0 theme by L Chandler and bib2html for my publications. It’ll probably all change next time I’m bored at home.