Firefox 3 in and Google synch out

By | June 20, 2008

A couple of days ago I upgraded to Firefox 3.0. I managed to get in as part of the world record # of downloads stunt. It is being reported that they had over 8 million downloads so it is a new record. Turns out no one has ever entered this record before so recording and reporting any downloads would have counted. We should’ve done this with Construct.

When I started up FF3 it told me that some of my plugins are not compatiable. No big suprise until I spotted Google sync was gone. Eh? Surely Google will update it. Well, no Lifehacker is reporting that Google will no longer support sync.  Ouch.

I guess I can try Foxmarks but I really liked that password, tabs, cookies and history saving. Foxmarks only supports bookmark saving. Google, this is the first time you’ve let me down. For shame.