Installing dd-wrt on a Linksys WRT160N-RM v.3

By | December 8, 2009

So I cheaped out and bought a refurbished Linksys WRT160N from Amazon for $28. Great price for a 802.11n enabled router (most are in the $100 range) but it kept dropping wifi connections, slowing up and refusing to respond. Wired connections were fine so I suspected a dodgy radio. Linksys support couldn’t fix the wifi issues so I was about to send it back when I decided to wipe the Linksys firmware and flash dd-wrt to it. The router wasn’t doing much anyhow.

The latest version of dd-wrt supports the WRT160N v.3 router. It is easy to install via the router’s web admin interface and rather than repeat myself here I’ve updated the dd-wrt community wiki page with the step-by-step instructions.

Note: when you search the dd-wrt router database it’ll give you back three different bin files to choose from. You only need one of those to kick off: dd-wrt.v24-13309_NEWD-2_K2.6_mini_wrt160nv3.bin AKA “mini” is the basic dd-wrt firmware that I used. It has more than enough features to keep most users happy.

My router has been up and running with dd-wrt for the last 4h29m without any problems and it feels faster (not sure if that is psychological). The best part is that the nerd in me is now super excited to have a working, fully featured, Linux-based router in the office.

2 thoughts on “Installing dd-wrt on a Linksys WRT160N-RM v.3

  1. Tom

    I did the same thing runs like a horse. no more psychological.

  2. John shillito

    Do you know how to set up the 160n as a client bridge? The wiki didn’t work for me


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